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No Budget, How to Promote the App in China



No Budget, How to Promote the App in China

For entrepreneurs, the most valued is certainly free channels. 
The free channels are first publish in application market, self recommend to application market, the application of the  application market project, SNS operation& pushing for each other, and ertical media contribute etc.. 
However, free channels to get the frequency is slow. In order to get the frequency quickly on the amount, companies still need do payment promotion latter.

1. First publish in application market 

At present, the main application store in China, besides the Pea Pods, are free supporting the application of the first  publish. 
From the view of product, the first publish of App are divided into 2 parts: fist publish of new products and fist publish of updated products. 
In addition, the first publish is divided into exclusive (in a market) and the first joint (starting in multiple markets).

For the first publish, it's not certainly that big market will be the best choice for the good effect. 
if the ppsition is not good, the results may be in general. 
But if you can do the first publish happans Meizu, OPPO and other such channels, the effect will be very good. 
For the application of first publish, you can apply for more multiple market starting at the same time. 
Also you can do a new note, you can write a number of updates, so you can increase the probability of getting the applicant .

2. Application market project

Application stores in addition to the first, there are special topics for this free resources. 
The Meizu, millet, Huawei, Sogou assistant, Lenovo has special application, Meizu, millet, Sogou topic in the developer forum application, Huawei, Lenovo is apply in the background of the developers. 
Special value is generally fit the quality of the products and projects.

3. The recommendation of new products
Meizu, millet, 360, Huawei, Lenovo will be able to introduce new products, generally require shelves within six months, if not a request can be applied repeatedly. 
In fact, OPPO, millet, HUAWEI and other editors will also choose a better quality products to give a certain recommendation, and the position is generally quite good, the effect is obvious.

In addition, the most beautiful application, DEMO8, etc. also have product recommendation module, as long as the product is unique, interesting, can apply.

4. Micro-blog& WeChat operations 

Entrepreneurs have the basic official micro-blog and WeChat, if the business is good, can bring a lot of users. 
At the same time, you can try and other brands to micro blog / micro channel push each other, at present, there are such push each other QQ (QQ group search keyword), can be directly in this group inside find mutual push partner, will continue to push each other can also bring a certain amount.

5. Vertical media submission

Vertical media contribute, is more biased in favor of the PR, but large vertical media, the effect is still very good, especially that more insiders and investors can see. At present 36kr, tiger sniffing, hunting, Yungang, entrepreneur, I horse and other can be independently submitting or project application report, in order to increase the coverage probability can also be looking for friend referral of these media reporters and editors.

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