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How to do WeChat Marketing Well in China(I)



How to do WeChat Marketing Well in China(I)

1. Content plays a decisive role

The contents should be combined with the characteristics of enterprises.
Not blindly only to push enterprises own content, 
but also from the user's point of view to consider.
WeChat does not serve for the enterprise , but for the users.
Customers get what thay want from your contents of WeChat, they will be more loyal for you.
To be friends with your 
customers, the next trading will be taken for granted.

To remember, the user is directed at your content before you come, but also because it is recommended to recommend content value, so the content is king.
For the content of micro channel, we have a 1 + X model.
The 1 is can best embody the core value of the account, X represents the diversity of content, and satisfy the user demand, enhance the content of attraction.
Such as micro channel public, our operation evermore office ", which is a office products for the theme of micro channel number of public, core content is MS office skills.
Although the content of this part of the practical, but it is more boring, users are not easy to be interested, so we will add some small workplace communication, life inspirational and other office workers are more interested in the content.

2. Content pushing - rejection of harassment

Now the vast majority of WeChat public accounts have 1 times a day the function of mass news.
Too many people, I think too much.
Now each user can subscribe to several accounts, a push to send information do not see.
About content pushing, I mainly talk about two aspects.
Pushing frequency: a week do not more than three times, too much will disturb the users and the worst consequences may is cancelled by the user on your attention; and, of course, too few users will complain, feel your micro letter just a decoration, don't from you here.
So this must be a good grasp of the degree.

Push form: is refers to content are not necessarily graphic thematic, can also be some short text, text count a hundred words or so, the key lies in content can lead the readers to ponder, generate ideas spark, the formation of good interaction effect.
Such as in the "bridge" of public relations of the micro channel, we regularly carry out some small survey, which asks readers to content and the time to push the proposal in the form of short text.
This effect is very good, a small survey, we usually receive a reply to hundreds of users, so that we can realize the interaction, but also a better understanding of the user, and the user can see what they want, it should be said to be a win-win results.

3. Manual interaction - communication is the soul

WeChat is the essence of communication platform, communication requires manual interaction. It is necessary to do manual interaction.

Personally, I opposed to set the message automatic reply, just like the QQ chat automatically reply, very annoying, no sincerity.

Enterprise WeChat public account should be able to do timely manual interaction. If they can not do this, it is difficult to play a good role in WeChat.

I am more concerned about WeChat's manual interaction, I often take the initiative to find my attention to the number of interaction, if several times without any reply, I will soon be canceled attention.

4. Keywords recovery system, rich and easy to check

Doing WeChat operation for a long time, a lot of material are accumulated.
It’s a pity that the contents are heavy down. So to establish a key word recovery system that is rich and easy to check the is very necessary.

This is the first function of keyword reply system, the second function is to allow users to easily find the contents of his needs, while increasing interaction.

The micro channel of each rule default 10 keyword, equipped with 5 push content (random push), and rules can only set 60, that is to say, the keyword can be set up to 600, content is 300, although this is far unable to meet the personalized needs of massive user, but if you make good use of the, but also to have the very good effect.


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