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The 7 Key Points for Social Media Marketing in China (II)



The 7 Key Points for Social Media Marketing in China (II)

3. Brands appeal lead the brands be stronger

Companies to achieve the eye economy through the brand appeal to attract attention.
Setting up a noble purpose to build brand equity, express brand appeal, the effect of brand marketing is better.
To tell you about how TOMS did it. They have an activity, that is, to provide the third world children with a pair of free shoes after to sell a pair of shoes.

In order to maximize their contribution, TOMS initiative consumers, if they bought a pair of TOMS shoes, please immediately upload photos on FACEBOOK.
Of course, TOMS's strategy has been successful. For example, if I buy a TOMS on the Internet, I not only want to tell my friends I have done a good thing, I will also let my friends to buy, so as to provide a pair of shoes for the children of the third world.

4. Content for the original, creative for the first.

Under the concept of social media, the enterprises do network marketing has not changed the content.
Perhaps the change of content requirements of height and appearance way.
No one want to share shoddy content, especially in nowadays, the reprinting in different SNS, and micro blog is popular.
These features will be more conducive good content to the spread widely, the spread of convenient and propagation of the form (video or text, pictures or games) in the range of options, but the starting point of the content replication and spread eventually will come back to the content itself.

From this point of view, we found that the content creation maybe is not the content production and how strong and is able to produce a sufficient creative point.
It's today saying, grassroots era of network, the seriousness of the propaganda own brand is already can not meet the characteristics of Internet users.
It often appeared in spoof, or with obvious characteristics of Internet users in China form.

We saw the behind the "Jia Junpeng"  incident, in fact, theire is an entire network marketing team behind the operation. It is also the most effective network marketing World of Warcraft games.
Hidden behind a set of Chinese version of the Internet marketing tutorial, from the campaign, ignition, to spread, and even extended to the line, "did your mother tell you to go back to recharge dynamic zone" such a continuation.

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