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The 7 Key Points for Social Media Marketing in China (III)



The 7 Key Points for Social Media Marketing in China (III)

5. Content interaction and reality.

One of the most basic principles of successful social media activity is content interaction and reality.
The main body of social media is "individual", and ultimately depends on the relationship, so it is a two-way street.
Here, you are not to sell, you are to communicate and get along with customers, if your social media marketing sales as the ultimate goal, your customers will eventually find your plot, you will eventually be overlooked.
In other words, the information you have in the social media must be real, not fabricated.
Content and user interact to share useful information, to provide one-stop customer service, to provide such as discount incentive activities or completely free, but these require the your perseverance to do.
If you have a good and long relationship with a brand's spokesperson, you will naturally promote the brand to the world.
Your information to consisitent (persistence and perseverance update), authentic (authenticity), sex (interesting).
This lasted for a long time, your customers will maintain their loyalty and eventually to achieve a good word of mouth effect, and this is the social media can bring tangible benefits.

6. Subsequent extension and combination of online and offline.

Using social media to carry on the marketing essence is to use the "relation" marketing.
And it takes time to build relationships, There is an exchange from calls.
Enterprises in the process of establishing relationship marketing should pay more attention to communication with consumers, in addition to the model can be set up a relationship, but also to establish the relationship between enterprises and consumers.
Get through these two points, can produce the effect that the follow-up extends almost.
At the same time, enterprises in the process of starting the network marketing program, often the operating experience is: the next line tips to attract, online interactive communication.

7. The establishment of specialized agencies responsible for social media marketing.

Starbucks set up social media marketing team, there are 6 members.
If your company in China has 6 specialized social media marketing staff, your company is the N.O.1 of Chinese social media marketing .
I don't think it impossible. After all, China is still in the enlightenment.
Starbucks participated in the 11 channels, Starbucks is seen as a great emphasis on social media marketing.
Market research firm altimeter analyst Charlene Li in the latest research report lists the relations of social media participation degree of the top 100 brands, which ranked first in the Starbucks, Dell ranked second, and eBay, Google and Microsoft, ranked three to five.

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