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The Features of Chinese SEO



The Features of Chinese SEO

The advantages of SEO can be analyzed from the 6 aspects

1. Effective on any platform

SEO optimization is done for all search engines.
As long as the methods of SEO are professional and user experience oriented, all the engines will approval your website in different way, and give your net station the good placements.
But for SEM, different search engines have different service mechanism.Enhancing the flow without increasing the budget

2. Enhancing the flow without increasing the budget

To enhance the flow of PPC, you must increase the budget.
But the rule is not for SEO, SEO optimization is a bit like a snowball, small first and big then.
Once the structure of SEO is established, then it will full of potential, and the effect is more and more significant. It don’t need to invest more money.

3. Less  expenditure, more flow

A site after professional SEO optimization is competitive.
The natural flow will not immediately disappear because you stop SEO services. On the contrary, the flow will continue for quite a long period of time.
In theory the base flow this is stable if there are no large external competition or the search algorithm without big changes.

4. Greater level of trust

Compared with SEM, SEO has a higher degree of user trust.
After all, SEM is also a kind of commercial advertising. Users always click like to see advertisement. They will out to the next if not satisfied with the look.
The natural ranking is different, the users will believe that the natural ranking site are more professional, more reliable.
The user participation and conversion rate is higher.Usually it is necessary to pay attention to SEO.  It can better consolidate the first page of the search results through the SEO, the establishment of good protective barrier that can effectively prevent the negative intrusion.

5. Excluding negative news

Usually it is necessary to pay attention to SEO.
It can better consolidate the first page of the search results through the SEO, the establishment of good protective barrier that can effectively prevent the negative intrusion.

6. Easier to attract Click

After all, the natural result in the SERP user visual center of gravity.
Compared to SEM, SEO can get more attention and click. According to previous experience, the natural result of the first SEO traffic is usually higher than the first in the PPC ad.

The disadvantages of SEO can be analyzed from the 4 aspects

1. Slow efficiency

It needs at least 6 monthes to SEO optimization, and the good effect is gradually revealed.

2. Unsecured

It's hard to ensure that your site is able to get how many shows and clicks through SEO.

3. Instable

The search engine algorithm are often change. The changes usually leads to a change of the web site keywords ranking and flow.

                                                                                                                                                                       -----by Chinese Electronic Commerce Reasearch Center

Compass is a consulting & service agency for the corporations to enter Chinese market.
We can provide the one-stop services of investment inspection & business connection, collaborator recruiting & sales agent recruiting, mall entry, intellectual property protection, offline advertising, purchasing & Logistics, Chinese website design & promotion, and business translation.
If you corporation are interested in Chinese market and need help, please contact Compass.
Our specially-assigned staff will reach you within 24 hours.

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