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The Characteristics of Keywords in China



The Characteristics of Keywords in China  

1. Key words advertising form is relatively simple.
It is usually the text ads, includes advertising title, introduction, website and other elements, generally separately in the search results page and natural search results, such as Google, Baidu and other search engines take this model.

2. Key words advertising can be carried out at any time.
Keywords advertising information can appear at any time in the retrieval results, it can also be terminated at any time on the keyword advertising. According it’s characteristic, if a website is built just released, other website promotion method may have a certain lag effect, then you can  through keywords advertising to get the user's attention as soon as possible.

3.keyword advertising is generally used to click on the pricing model and the cost can be controlled.
Compared with the general collection of fees charged by the search engine according to the annual charge, keyword advertising pricing model is not a fixed charge, but by clicking on the charges. Only when the user clicks on the ad and start billing, it does not need to pay for the case which is just a display and not clicking, so all costs are "valid", Change the drawbacks of a one-time payment of the search engine.

4. The location of the advertisement information can be selected.
By reasonable selection of keywords, and the price per click and reasonable setting can be pre estimated the approximate location of promotion information, so as to avoid the blindness of network advertisement, and it is also a supplement of natural search results ranking unpredictable position.

5. Key words advertising information can be adjusted easily .
The keyword advertising information that appear in the search results page, including the title, abstract, links to the URL, users set their own, and can be adjusted conveniently, which search engines and natural search results is completely different. Natural search results in the web page title and abstract information depending on search engine retrieval rules, users only passively adapt, if web search engine friendliness is not ideal, display the summary information is not attractive to the users. So it can "t guarantee promotion effect.

6. Guide the potential users directly to any one of the desired destination page.
Since the keyword advertising information is set by the user, when the user clicks on the promotion of information title link, you can guide the user to any one of the desired web page. In the natural search results, the search engine web pages and web site is one-to-one match.

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