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Chinese SEO Optimization Strategy



Chinese SEO Optimization Strategy 

SEO strategy mainly includes keyword optimization, optimization of website structure and SEO entire site optimization, emphasis on inbound links and outside catenary optimization.

Ⅰ. Key words optimization strategy
Keyword is the core of search engine optimization. The choice of key words in the search engine rankings have a key role in the search engine rankings. For e-commerce sites, users can easily get the information they want, and users generally through the keywords to search, then in order to allow search engines to read and understand the electronic commerce website information owners need to set keywords:
1. Named with the organization name and the name of the service content.
2. key words can not only reflect the services provided. It also includes problems that products or services could solve.
3. Take into account the change of the seasons.
4. Taking the spelling mistakes and dialect slang into account.
5. Describe the geographical location of products and services. It is particularly important for housekeeping, flowers, gifts, wedding services, website building. 
6. Considering the unexpected events. Such as earthquakes, snowstorms etc.. For the "medicine" and other key words are particularly sensitive.
7. Considering the highlight of the festival.

Ⅱ. Strategy of optimizing the structure and content of the website
Optimization of the website mainly includes: website structure optimization, website optimization, website page optimization, in order to make the search engine is more easy to search the webmaster’s website and concern about the top key words.

Ⅲ. Optimization strategies of inbound links and outside catenary 
A hyperlink will disperse the network as a whole. to search engine, the quality of a page number and the link into the web page is a very important index to reflect the importance of web pages.

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