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Top Ten "Secret" of SEM/SEO Should Be Aware



Top Ten "Secret" of SEM/SEO Should Be Aware

1. We guarantee you want to promote the website in the first place
No one can guarantee to become the top ten search engines, not to mention the first one. This is the sales strategy to win customers. Google in its help center made it clear: "no one can guarantee that in Google's ranking." Google with more than 200 calculation rules to determine the search results and the page number. It is closely guarded secret, and only Google insiders know the website ranking, so they are the only one that can guarantee the ranking of the people.

2. The Meta tag is the key of high rank
Although meta (response message head used to simulate the HTTP protocol in the HTML document) tags are useful, but they no longer have such a large effect on SEO. A sensible approach is to use the correct and necessary meta tags. But the quality of the content of SEO is more important. If the Meta tag does not match the content of web pages, the page may even be punished accordingly.

3. With faster speed submitted to more search engine
Most search engines can be connected to related websites and web pages. Other smaller search engines rely on Google's database, so there is no need to submit them to them. Submitted to the best three search engines Google, Bing and YAHOO is indeed a very good way to be found as soon as possible.

4. The repeated use of the key words, the more the better
Key words are important, there is no doubt that. But this "black hat", as many keywords as possible, is illegal in Google, and it could even lead to a ban. Use keywords and key phrases in a natural way. A density of 4% to 8% is enough. Use too many key words on your web page to add spam messages to your web page.

5. The more links the better
The link certainly does not cause damage to the SEO, especially the import link. But in the process of doing the link we need to comply with the rules, and not the more the better. Not related to the relevant page and page of the chain link will affect the PR value. In fact, the chain to the quality of the website of the chain will let you be banned. Import links and outbound links appear to be natural. The high quality website links more, the website PR value may be higher.

6. Submit your website to the directory site can change the website ranking
Google often punish those who turn themselves into a shadow directory. Taking into account the legality of a site is very difficult, so the best way to increase the ranking by the natural place. So far, the safest way is to write high quality website original content.

7. Dynamic URL have disadvantage to the website
Activity URL has attracted people's attention. Now that's not the case, Google has matured a lot. Reducing the amount of URL of these activities to a reasonable format will make things a lot more convenient. It also makes it easier for people to read.

8. SEO will soon reach the target
It is wrong to think that it is wrong to change the content of web pages to improve website ranking. SEO actually is like eating and exercising. You have to work hard on SEO for a long time, and you have to be right.

9. The following links from other sites not useless
From a technical perspective, the non track link does not provide links to SEO effect. However, Google has its own way of judging whether these non - track links from high - quality web sites. So, from the authority of the site has a certain non tracking benefits. At least it can bring traffic to the site and increase website authority.

10. SEO is to enhance the PR value
If you think SEO is PR, then you're wrong. In fact, SEO mainly depends on how much you can bring to your website to be loyal to your readers and potential customers. If you can not translate into sales and loyal readers, high PR value not worth a hair.

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