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The Core Idea of SEM : Diversification



The Core Idea of SEM : Diversification

SEM annual adjustment algorithm, and more humane, more and more intelligent, so to make your site has been able to ensure the top few will be more and more difficult, of course, only need to the spirit of the core idea of the diversification of the search engine, so basically can ensure the optimal in the top few. So how to realize the diversification?

1. Content should be diversified

Now Baidu require content quality more and more high, so for the optimization of the content on the website can not be simple pseudo original or acquisition, but more is, best original or special original, such as for a thing to from multiple angles to writing, but also pay attention to layout, do with pictures, so as to let search engine to be interested in the content of your site, of course, title to independent innovation, otherwise can't get users like, only from the two angles to optimize content to let search engines faster included!

2. The chain should be diversified

Compared to before the construction of the chain, now the chain is pursuing the diversification, rather than through the forum or blog to do link, and now Baidu on a blog or forum, the weight of the chain look more and more low, so now the chain construction we should open a new path, such as through the soft Wen contribute way, such as the information website released outside the chain of, to some online surveys, or SNS site outside the chain of hair and so on, so as to diversify outside the chain! If just a single chain, such as in a forum hair outer chain, looks the chain is very much, but the quality is poor and once this forum reduced garbage station. It's probably will be search engine K station, so now the chain is not only quantity, more requirements for the pursuit of diversification!

3. Traffic sources should be diversified

Through a variety of channels to get more traffic sources, such as through the QQ group, through the blog and so on, to make their own website traffic to achieve diversity. The pursuit of Web site traffic is also very necessary to diversify! This can help your website to be profitable! Slowly you website can also gradually become a brand, like Taobao is now, even if it is not included in Baidu, Taobao to do fast, still can get a lot of profit!

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