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9 Methods to Find out the SEM Keywords of Chinese Baidu



9 Methods to Find out the SEM Keywords of Chinese Baidu

Now, SEM bidding is becoming the first choice for most companies' network promotion. SEM bidding makes a difference fast, and leads high income fast. The competition is also intense. Companies need optimize the account, to develop a suitable bidding strategy so that to get a better result.

Keywords mining is one thing must adhere to doeveryday of SEM bidding. but how to mining?
I am going to  share 9 crash experience of SEM keywords mining.

1. Baidu recommended keywords

Baidu recommends some industry search hot words and efficient words every day, the words are recommended according to the situation of the account. Companies can choose to add these words into the account every day. Because the words are the general suitable for SEM bidding.

2. The report of serch words

Adhere to view search words report everyday, And adding some words to accounts. Because phrase matching in the future may not be able to match the words of this class.

3. Search words in online consulting software

Some accurate words can be choosen here. The intentionality strong words are helpful to transformation of account.

4. The words recommended in aidu search box 

A subject search, Baidu search box will recommend a series of related keywords, these words are recently popular search term, and large flow quantity.

5. Baidu index

Companies can find some industry hot words for SEM bidding in Baidu index.

6. Mining the long tail keywords

The usage of a word root is to find a few friends and colleagues in the company or group of "brainstorming" to expand the long tail words.

7. Combination key words

8. Keywords cross combination

Core keywords, synonyms, related words, abbreviations, and names, typos, etc. The words can be recombined to produce new keywords.

9. Dig word software

Now all of the third parties to provide the background to provide the basic tools, or free online software, you can try. For example: webmaster assistant, Baidu keyword tool.

10. To expand related business keywords around the core keywords

For example, in the search for IT training is the main business, but the direct search for these words is not much. Can join some IT tutorials, IT employment terms, to expand the coverage of corporate advertising crowd.


There are many ways to tap the keywords, the above is mainly to provide you with the 10 commonly used methods.
You can explore some  new channels according to their own industry, such as industry forums, industry websites, industry, micro-blog, etc..
SEM bidding mining keywords is a very important work, but when the keywords to a certain amount, a lot of people will encounter a new word for the new words will encounter a bottleneck.

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