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2016 Chinese SEM Strategy of Keywords Optimization



2016 Chinese SEM Strategy of Keywords Optimization

For the late optimization of the keywords, the following 4 points are important,

1. To find out  the key words with the bad performance, and adjust them.

a. The key words with bad performance have the following characteristics: the key words have not been shown or shown to be very low (not including the lack of an offer)

Strategy core: increasing the exposures.

Expansion of matching mode: broad matching, phrase matching and accutate matching are different matching way. Different pattern matching will bring different effect. Broad matching's exposure is much greater than the phrase matching. The exposure of phrase matching is greater than exact matching. After the expansion of the matching model, to observe whether the exposure is improved.

b. High consumption &  low transform: click on thehigh price, but no conversion.

Strategy core: reducing the extension words

Concern in the monitoring of: if the account has installed the monitoring software, screening surface will be more widely, as can be seen from the detection system, some high consumption but not what word conversion, or is click the price is high but there is no word conversion, for these words, it is best to them in a new promotion unit, unified optimization, to this kind of word a right to bid, continued to observe keyword performance.

Keywords expand the long tail word: long tail words are more accurate, precise long tail words sometimes lead the good effect. But may search volume will be relatively small, for such words, at the beginning of the account, we should use them aftr screening.

2. To find out the good words and give them some performance opportunities.

What are characteristics of the key words that perform well:

a.  Average click on the price is more reasonable.
b.  Raverage cost of conversion, conversion and stability.

To maintain the advantages of this kind of keywords, so that the best word performance is better, you can implement the following measures:
a. In a more detailed promotion, and have a better idea.
b. Keep them in front.
c. Don't limit their budgets.

3. Extended key words

Good performance of the key words, from the number of its further expansion. Generally from the beginning of the core keywords or keywords efficiently, a keyword in the account performance is very good, then through the extension of the term means to increase the corresponding surrounding words and long tail word, will expand the keywords put on line, again according to the feedback effect of keywords final screening and optimization.

4. To add other relevant keywords

Early in the account set up, we will choose a large number of keywords on-line, along with the continuous promotion, in the optimization process we will find, there are a lot of key did not cover the, which requires found constantly in the follow-up work, we added.

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