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    Water Margin Haohan City Cultural Tourism Project of Shandong Yuncheng Water Margin Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

    I  Name of the project
    Water Margin Haohan City Cultural Tourism Project of Shandong Yuncheng Water Margin Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
    II  Introduction to the project unit
    Shandong Yuncheng Water Margin Tourism Development Co., Ltd. was established in April 1, 2008 with the registered capital of 20 million Yuan and total assets of 300 million Yuan. Business scope includes the comprehensive development of tourist scenic area, arts and crafts sales, television production technology extension services, animation design, folk, traditional activities heritage management, artistic performance facility services and so on. Currently it has more than 80 employees. After completion of this project, the expected annual revenue in normal years is 390 million Yuan with the sales taxes and additional fee of 21.645 million Yuan, as well as total profit payments and tax turnover of 256.7095 million Yuan.
    III  Project content and scale of the construction
    The project will Yuncheng ancient gates, Fanlou Building, Water Margin Style Street and other landmark building walls, construct commercial facilities such as Ancient City Water Street, Cultural Square, Snack Food Street and Water Margin Cultural Display Area, Water Margin Cultural and Commercial Area, Water Margin Playing Area and Recreation Area, so finally form the Water Margin Ancient City with ancient architectures as carrier, Water Margin culture as connotation, as well as integrated the tourism, leisure, entertainment, shopping and dining and cultural experience functions in one. Construction scale of the project: It covers an area of 150 Mu with a total planned investment of 660 million Yuan for all three phases.
    IV  Construction conditions of the project
    Planning and design has been completed and now it is processing land acquisition procedures. Construction is expected to start in 2015 and the project will start operating in 2017.
    V  Total investment of the project
    $ 106.03 million
    VI  Market and economic benefit analysis and forecast
    After the project is completed, the annual sales revenue will be about 390 million Yuan with the total gross profit of 235 million Yuan.
    VII  Ways of cooperation
    Joint venture, cooperation
    VIII  Contact information
    Contact address: Commerce Bureau of Heze City
    Contact person: Xu Hui
    Post code: 274000
    Contact number: 0086-530-6226266

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