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    Oppertunity in China: Tourism Development of Zhangjiajie Xiangshi Cave Group

    Project Description

    Project Name                                          Tourism development of Zhangjiajie Xiangshi Cave Group 
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    Date                                                          2016-4-24
    Project Type                                             Equity investment projects
    Investment Mode                                     Joint venture,cooperation,wholly-owned,Other
    Industry                                                      Tourism
    Location                                                     Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China
    Project validity period                              Two years

    Estimated Investment

    Total amount of project capitals            5000 Ten thousand U.S. dollars
    Expected annual sales revenue            Ten thousand yuan(RMB)

    Description of project contents

    (I)Location and accessibility:
    Xiangshi Cave Group is located in Cheyan Village, Xiangshi Town, Cili County.
    The provincial highway S305 and the county-level Cili-Sanhekou highway run through the location, which provides high accessibility.
    Besides, Xiangshi Cave Group neighbors the famous tourist attractions like Zhangjiajie, Wulingyuan, Sanguansi and Jiangya.
    Seen from these, the project enjoys a significant location advantage.

    (II) Features:
    1. Xiangshi Cave Group is one of the ultra-large cave groups in Hunan and even the whole country.
    Compared to developed underground karst caves, it is of higher novelty, adventurousness and wildness, and valuable for business development.
    2. There are abundant resources that can be developed together with Xiangshi Cave Group.
    Considering this in addition to the favorable basic conditions, the project has the potential of being a comprehensive scenic spot.
    3. The project site is surrounded by favorable eco-environment and humanistic environment.
    The tourist route can be combined with surrounding famous scenic spots.
    Given this, the project meets the conditions for building of large scenic spot and long tourist route and large-scale integration of scenic spots.

    (III) Resource advantage:
    1. Xiangshi Cave Group extends into underground by more than 5km, and consists of 108 distinct karst caves of different sizes.
    These caves are scenic and connect to each other at different elevations.
    Different from the other karst caves developed in Zhangjiajie, they can make exploration activities more adventurous and challenging.
    2. The landscapes on the ground above Xiangshi Cave Group are also colorful, including Xiang River Breakthrough (Long March) Martyrs Monument (a provincial protected cultural site) and well-preserved Tujia stilted buildings, ancient stone paths and ancient tagged trees.
    3. With pleasant climate and concentrated mountain springs, the area around Xiangshi Cave Group is favorable to growing of Andrias (commonly known as “giant salamander”), and has been built as a state-level wild giant salamander preserve.
    At present, 5 giant salamander artificial eco-breeding bases have been built, and a multidirectional industry integrating breeding, sales, deep processing and sightseeing of giant salamander has been formed there.
    4. Located above Xiangshi Cave Group and winding by dozens of kilometers, Xiangjia River originates from Longtang Bay of Jiangya Reservoir, runs through the high-head Qingnian Power Station and 7 villages (Xiangjiaxi, Liya, Xuri, Cheyan, Fuping, Sanqiao, etc.), and finally empties into Lou River.
    The eco-environment along the river is well-preserved, and provided with the natural landscapes like Yinyang Spring, Guanyin Hood, Thousand-layer Rock and Hundred-zhang Cliff, very favorable to drift, exploration and camping.
    5. The tourist attractions including the ancient Dajianshan Temple, Lou River Drift and Chuangye Reservoir (Farm Village Leisure Travel) are also located in Xiangshi Town, and the tourism resources like Jiangya Spa and Jiangya Reservoir Drift neighbor the town. In addition, the project site is close to the core scenic spots including Sanguansi, Yanghe and Wulingyuan.
    These projects can be integrated to constitute a new tourism route on the northwest line of Cili.

    Project content
    According to the plan, the project will be centered on development of Xiangshi Cave Group and highlight novelty, adventurousness and wildness of the 108 underground karst caves and the underground palaces, with focus on developing, decorating and creating special landscapes different from Huanglong Cave, Longwang Cave and other traditional karst caves.
    It will boost development of mountain spring drifts on Xiangjia River, red tourism, Tujia cultural tourism and eco-tourism in the giant salamander preserve.
    A comprehensive tourism development area integrating resort, drift, culture, tourism and exploration will be built to support implementation of the project.
    Development of the project is divided into 3 parts (underground development, aboveground development, surrounding development).
    The underground development refers to developing the underground karst caves in Cheyan Village; the aboveground development refers to developing Tujia folk custom and red tourism in Cheyan Village; the surrounding development refers to developing mountain spring drifts on Xiangjia River and eco-tourism in the giant salamander preserve, to support implementation of the project.

    Current status
    The project has been rated as a key investment promotion project of the county.

    Policy support
    The preferential policies introduced by the county for comprehensive tourism development will be put into practice, and assistance will be proactively offered in land acquisition and building of infrastructure (water, electricity, road) for the project.

    Benefit analysis
    The project will bring about a new highlight of tourism on the northwest line of Cili, promote tourism development in the county, and increase local fiscal revenue and peasants’ income.

    Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China

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