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Compertitive Industries In China’s Fujian



Compertitive Industries In China’s Fujian
In the course of economic development, the industries of electronic information, machine building and petrochemicals have gradually become the province’s three leading industries. In the meantime, the high-tech industries such as bio-pharmacy, environmental protection and new materials and the competitive traditional industries such as footwear, textile, garment, food and building materials continued to have a place in the province and even in the nation. The development of these competitive industries has been a priority for the province.
1. Three Leading Industries
(1) Electronic Information
Electronic informatin has formed a preliminary industrial concentration along the coastal area from Fuzhou to Xiamen. This area is noted for fine investment environment, sound support facilities and a group of leading enterprises, and has therefore been confirmed by the state as one of the first nine “national electronic information industrial bases”.
(2) Machinery
Development Guidance for Machine-Building:
Automobile: The emphasis will be placed on developing middle and high-end passenger vehicles to be produced by South East (Fujian) Motor Co.,Ltd. and the Fujian Daimler Chrysler Automotive Co., Ltd., the large and medium-sized buses to be produced by the Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co.,Ltd., and the modified vehicles and trucks to be produced in southwest Fujian, and on developing important assembly and spare parts.
Ship building: Four major ship building bases will be built respectively in Xiamen, Mawei, Quanzhou and Fu’an, and Fujian will develop into a ship building center in China’s southeast coastal region. While the models of container ships, high-powered towers and tuna clippers will be optimized, priority will be given to developing and building 53,800-dwt bulk ships and 4,900-car rollon-roll-off ships so as to diversify product varieties. Meanwhile, active efforts will be made to developship equipment making.
Electric machinery and equipment manufacturing:promote the equipment for power transmission and distribution and for power control, electrical equipment and electric motors depending on advanced technologies. Engineering machinery: Support five majorengineering machines, they are loaders, excavators, rollers, fork lift trucks and road machinery, and related product chains.
(3) Petrochemicals
Development guidance for the petrochemicalindustry:
Accelerate to carry on the project of integrate oil refinery with chemicals production. The emphasis will be placed on the construction of the oil and chemical industrial bases in Meizhou Bay and Haicang and on the construction of the Jiangyin Fine Chemical Industrial Park. The province will support the construction of synthetic rasin, synthetic fiber, synthetic rubber and post-processing projects and encourage the development of the organic chemicals and fine chemicals that are in short supply on the domestic market and carry high added value.
Petrochemicals: The project to integrate oil refinery with chemicals production will help the upstream and downstream petrochemical industries develop in a coordinated and balanced manner. The goal is to form six main industrial chains including engineering plastics and synthetic resin.
Fine chemicals: The province will support the construction of the production bases for fine chemicals such as sodium silicate, white cargon black, oxalic acid and fluorides. The emphasis will be placed on the development of eight major varieties of fine chemicals, including plastic auxiliaries and paints.
Chemical materials and chemical fertilizers: The province will emphasize the development of formaldehyde and liquid ammonia and raise the proportion of non-fertilizer chemical products.
2. High-Tech Industries
Fujian’s high-tech industries mainly comprise electronic information, bio-pharmacy (includingbio-equipment), new materials, environment alprotection and optical-mechanical-electronic integration.
Development guidance for high-tech industries:
Electronic information: The emphasis will beplaced on developing products and technologies such as computer and network products, integrated circuits, new components, new displays, digital audiovisual products, and electronic special purpose equipment and instruments. 
Biotechnology and pharmacy: The emphasis will be placed on developing products and technologies such as genetically modified feed enzymes,diagnostic reagents, marine specialty madicines, new bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers.
New materials: The province will emphasize the development of the products and technologies such as photo electronic materials, semi-conductor materials, crystalline materials, nano materials,membrane functional materials, new function high molecular materials, eco-environmental materials,bio-ceremic materials, special ceramic materials.
Environmental protection: The emphasis willbe placed on developing the technologies for water pollution control, air pollution control, solid waste treatment, clean production and low emission, the integrated energy-saving technologies, the new processes for energy-consuming industries, the new technologies for energy-saving industrial stoves and kilns, and the key technologies for oil conservation and substitution.
Optical-mechanical-electronic integration: The emphasis is to develop the products and technologies such as the integrated automatic control system, the intelligent control components for the chemical industry, the new sensors, the CNC machine tools and the open CNC systems.
3.Competitive Traditional Industries
(1)Footwear Industry
(2)Textile Industry
(3)Building Materials
4.Modern Agriculture
-----by China's Ministry of Commerce

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