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The Investment Environment of China



 The Investment Environment of China
China is rich in resources, vast territory and abundant resources, beautiful environment, suitable climate.
So China is suitable for all various forms of foreign investment.

1.The Hard Environment of Investment in China.

  From the perspective of resource:

 ①China is rich in agricultural resources, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery .

 Other Cultivation industry are well developed . Production system is completed.

  Dozens of mineral resources ranked on the top in the world and enormous natural resources.
 So China is one of the world's only a handful of resources
This makes China has a great advantage to attract foreign investment.

 In recent years, China's infrastructure has also been greatly improved.
 Transportation, communications, water, electricity, the supply of natural gas infrastructure construction was essentially complete. 
 Energy, raw materials,the capacity and quality of spare parts supply has significantly improved.
 For the production and operation of foreign investment provides favorable external conditions.

2. The Soft Environment of Investment in China
China's socialist market economy has established a framework of market economy system.
It provides a suitable environment for the production and operation of foreign investment.
 ①Chinese live and work in peace.It is created the necessary social conditions for attracting foreign investment.

 ②The initial establishment of the market economy system.
     The gradual improvement of laws and regulations.
     All of this create a good legal environment for foreign investment.

③ The improvement of the level of education 
     The expansion of the degree of opening to the outside world, the quality of the people is improved .
     The difference of language, culture, customs and habits is narrowing.
     It is provide a suitable social environment for foreign investment.

④The improvement of sufficient labor quantity and quality. 
     The abundant cheap labor.
     The advantage of cost.
     All of factors provide a great opportunity for foreign investors.

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