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The Secretary Receives Basic Etiquette in China



The Secretary Receives Basic Etiquette in China

1. If there was a knock at the door, answer "come in", or went to the door to greet;

2. When guests come in, there should be a warm welcome. If the house is not clean neat, rambling, to make the necessary arrangement, and apologize to the guests;

3. The tea should with your both hands to hand, and on the right side of the guests. If the summer heat, open a fan;

4. When eating and visitors arrived, you should warmly invite guests to dine. Guests should send a hot towel after the meal and other hot tea;

5. If you accept the guest’s gifts, you should give a kind appreciation,

6. When introduce a master or guests, the name must be clear mentioned, and introduce first young people to the elderly;

7. If guests arrived, and there something happened that can't accompany with him, first apologies and arrange for the family to accompany, and then to do other thing;.

8. If the guests insist to go back, do not just stay;

9, Farewell to the gate, go back in the elderly;

10. When parted, should say "goodbye" or "see you later".

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