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The Art of Making Friends in China



The Art of Making Friends in China

The communication between people must follow a certain etiquette, and in friendship of our friends, there is such a ritual or etiquette.

A true friend is the one you can trust, to pour out of mind, and everything in the environment can be strictly just and impartial. The most destructive friendship is the use of deception. In making friends, honesty is the most abundant reward. By being honest, you will be able to attract people to be your friends, for they will admire your honesty.

Happiness is a kind of world language. It is can be understood by a child, an adult and a foreigner.
Happiness is a form of optimism. It's always the best, not the worst. It contains a good disposition, not a violent temper. It includes being a loved one, the one who can accept defeat without being hurt.

Be congenial with each other
A person who is willing to be a friend of others, can make a pleasant conversation. They have the ability to "break the ice" and find the topic at the right time to make the other person feel comfortable.

When we making with friends, there are two ways to say the same thing: one is rude, and the other is to show that you are ready to help. Simply said, wit is not to hurt people's feelings. When a man is careful in this respect, his friend will pay attention to him and love him.

To be a good friend who will take care of others to avoid belittling others’ talk. No one would like to be abused, and a good friend will never take someone to make fun of anyone.

like to talk. To be a person who can talk, not only to say, but also to listen. Of course, making friends who will be able to talk to those who really, when the other side have nothing to say, find a new topic.

Be willing to help others
One of the best ways to win a person as a friend is to help him when he needs help.
The most rewarding way to win friends with the spirit of helping others is to be very kind to a person who is timid and dreary. When you help him, he will be grateful to you, so you will be happy to be your friend.

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