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The Applicable Occasions of Bow in China



The Applicable Occasions of Bow in China 

Bow apply to solemn atmosphere and happy occasion of celebration.
In the daily life, the middle school teachers, the younger generation of elders, the inferior to the superior performer is available to take a bow to audience.
When award winner receive the award in the stage, take a bow to awarder and all the participants.
The actor curtain call, to the applause of the audience often bowed. The speaker also bowed in homage to the audience.
When meeting the guest thanks or return, or meet the honored guests, you can take a bow.

Bow - action Essentials

When bow you should face the guests, close feet together, the line of sight from the face of the other fall to his feet 1.5 meters at (15 degree) or foot 1 meters at 30 degree ceremony). Male hands on both sides of the body, the female hands together in front of the body.

Bow must be straight waist, heel closer, feet pointed at a slight separation, look at other side. Then straighten the back, from the waist to the upper body forward bending.
When take a bow, the bending speed should be moderate, after the rise of straight waist, the action can be done slowly, it would make people feel very comfortable.

Several wrong bow

Only nodding,
Don't look at the other side.
Head shaking.
With no legs together 
A humpback type bow.
One can see your back.

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