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Ten Details of the Chinese Gentleman



Ten Details of the Chinese Gentleman

1.  Have a pair of clean long hands, trim the nails.
2.  Although not smoking, he carries lighters, in order to facilitate around woman smoking 
for cigarette.
3. Change a shirt everyday, collar and cuffs keep smooth and clean, some will use 
4. The waist is not hanging objects, such as mobile phone, keys etc.
5. When get along with a lady, take care of,every detail for the ladies and almost in a fully 
conscious deal with it.
6. Never sound at the dinner .
7. Use courtesy language more frequently and more ordinary.
8. Prefer to solitude, seek for quiet quiet meditation of body and soul, passion. So the 
gentlemen favor to think, dance art and Literature Classics Masterpiece, rarely read flashy 
noisy works of film and television and never pick it up to discuss.
9. Keep the countenance, be silent alone in the crowd.
10. Think too much about the attitude of love, often looking like irresolute and hesitant.
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