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Telephone Etiquette in China



Telephone Etiquette in China

The telephone is the most common communication tool in modern life. In our daily life, we often can judge each other's character and personality by telephone. Therefore, it is very necessary to master the correct and polite manners.
When you call, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Choose the right time.
When you call someone, if it is not important things, try to avoid the rest of the people, dining time, and it is best not to disturb each other during the holidays.

2. Master the call time.
 Before calling, it is best to want to talk about the content, in order to save talk time, do not want to now say, "talk on the phone porridge", usually a call should not be longer than 3 minutes, that is, the so-called "3 minutes principle".

3. Be friendly.
Don't raise a hue and cry when the phone is deafening.

Telephone etiquette
Answer the phone can not be too casual, it is very necessary etiquette and certain skills, in order to avoid a misunderstanding. Whether making or receiving a call, we should do intonation, enthusiasm generous nature, moderate volume, clear expression, concise, courtesy and manners.

1. Answer the phone in a timely manner
In general, in the office, the phone rang 3 times before it should be answered. Answer the phone as soon as possible to give each other a good impression, so that the other side feel valued.

2. Pay attention to phone skills
When answer the phone, you should pay attention to the mouth and microphone to maintain a distance of about 4 cm; to close the microphone, listen carefully to the other side of the speech.
Finally, you should let the other end of the phone, and then gently put the microphone. Not "bang -" and look back to this place, very impolite. It's better to hang up on each other.

3. When you pick up the phone, must be smiling. Do not think that a smile can only be expressed in the face, it will also be hidden in the voice. Kind, warm voice will make the other side of the impression that we have a good impression. If you have numb face,and your voice will become cold.

4. Using the left hand to answer the phone, the right hand prepare the pen, so record useful information at any time.

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