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Smile Etiquette in China



Smile Etiquette in China

A simple smile is usually able to eliminate the strange feeling between people, so that people have a psychological sense of security, intimacy and pleasure.

Smile degree
Smile has lightly smile, laugh and shy smile, awkward laugh, mocking laugh many kinds of, the most beautiful smile.

In etiquette, we often used to the following several different levels of laughter:

Smile is the respect and understanding of people, smile is a kind of etiquette, meet with a smile, people will realize that this is the representation of respect and joy. Smile is one of the most attractive body language. A smile from the bottom of my heart is a penetrating smile, which contains the care, enthusiasm and love for people. Love is an important internal force of a smile, it gives a smile with color, energy and the formation of a strong appeal.

A smile is not exposed at both ends of the teeth, mouth slightly cocked, smiling eyes. In order to show respect, to be friendly and to smile is necessary. Smile is a healthy, civilized behavior, a sweet smile with a face always loved.

Chuckle refers to the lips and teeth, eyes, smile smile deeper. To extend a warm welcome and happy, happy and someone talks situation will chuckle.

When you laugh, your eyes become small and your mouth open. People tend to appreciate the laugh, and laugh when the lady in the application of hand slightly cover your mouth.

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