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Rich and Varying Ethnic Cultures and Customs in Liaoning Province



Rich and Varying Ethnic Cultures and Customs in Liaoning Province

Those born in Liaoning Province identify themselves more with the concept of “Northeast” than with Liaoning, that is, they would first see themselves as “northeasterners” before recognizing their provincial identity.
This phenomenon is largely attributable to the unique history of the region, its customs and habits, the unification of language, and the fact that the residents are mostly emigrants from Hebei and Shandong Provinces.
Northeast China, including Liaoning Province, encompasses a Chinese Han dominated culture rim which has also integrated the cultures, customs of Manchu, Mongolian, Korean, Olunchun, Owenke, Xibo, Russian and other nationalities as well as the customs, cultures and languages of Japan, Russia and North Korea.

Northeastern culture has taken in a great deal of Manchu culture, and has been influenced by Japanese, Korean and Russian culturein terms of its vocabulary and living habits.
As for food, the people’s love for Russian food and North Korean pickles, for example, bears witness to the impact of foreign cultures. In terms of folk arts, Shenyang’s Northeastern Big Drum, Dalian’s Fuzhou Shadow Figures, Anshan’s Haicheng Trumpet Play, Fushun’s Manchu Yangko Performance, Benxi’s Shehuo (Goddess of Land and Fire) Variety Show, Dandong’s Singlefaced Drum Performance, Jinzhou’s Heishan Two Performers Show, Yingkou’s Gaizhou Shadow Figures and Kite, Fuxin’s Mongollian Lejin Wedding Ceremony and Huerqin Story-telling, Liaoyang’s Folk Drum Music, Tieling’s Traditional Two Performers Show, Chaoyang’s Folk Papercutting etc. are all unique art forms in the province.
Besides, Lingyuan’s Shadow Figure Show has been listed as a State-level Protected Programme. Manchu nationals have their origins in Liaoning. Their traditional sports and games are mostly connected with their hunting of an earlier age, such as the Willow-shooting Contest staged after the Heaven-worshipping Ceremony during the Dragon Boat Festival in May and the Beastskin Ball Kicking game launched on grass or ice in spring and winter.

The Koren nationality boasts of a long history and culture and excels in songs and dances. Their classic dance evolved from court music dance and folk dance of ancient Korean, Yemack, Fuyu, Baiji, Koguryo and Samhan.
The folk dance of the Korean nationals are closely related to their farming and living customs and practices.
The Farmers Happiness Dance, a popular dance throughout Liaoning, is a folk dance representative of its kind, which is a brand new specie of dance actually evolved out of a number of dances such as Xiang Hat, Hand Drum Dance, Long Drum Dance, etc..
Swing Dangling is a traditional game most popular among Korean girls: young girls would dress up in colourful skirts, step on the swing, and exert their waists and hips to swing to and fro. They would swing higher and higher, like swallows soaring into the sky, free and flying, elegant and ethereal. And nowadays, swinging is not only a recreational event exercised during the Dragon Boat Festival and Midautumn Festival, at spare times or on festive days but has also become an official event of sports and games.
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