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Chinese Social Etiquette



Chinese Social Etiquette

Etiquette is that human in order to maintain the normal social life and request the people to abide by the most simple and minimal moral behavior. It gradually formed in the  people’s long-term living together and interacting on each other. And they are fixed into customs and traditions as the time went on. In China, the etiquette is essential to social and if you master the Chinese etiquette, you will be like a duck to water and full of charm.

Meeting etiquette
The most popular meeting or farewell ceremony is shaking hands in China now, sometimes after shaking hands to goodbye, you should watch them leave and wave to them. When relatives and friends also have after being apart a long time, there also has a big hug ceremony. Buddhist people should carry their hands together. When Uyghurs  meet each other, they usually put the right hand close to the chest and with a deep bow. As Tibetans, Mongolian and other compatriots, Kha-btags(Hada) is the highest etiquette.

Appellation and greetings
When we meet a bow is appropriate, but also you can shake others hands. Chinese are very punctilious, usually use a a position and/ or title to greet the guest in introductions.

Dating and time
Prior appointment is necessary, but being prepared, you need to be patient before the decision of the Chinese entrepreneurs to wait for a period of time. Foreign businessmen usually find that their trip to China is well arranged, so it is very important to keep the time.

Hospitality and gifts
Chinese people seldom entertain guests at their home. The guest should arrive earlier and leave soon after the meal. In the meal to prepare several toast to express appreciation, joys and friendship. For politeness, each dish are tasted. When you eat, put the bowl near the mouth. An expensive gift will make people feel awkward, and it is usually not accepted for Chinese.

Belief and taboo
The Chinese main religions are Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Christianity, their is a majority of non-sectarian people. It is a taboo that spit, pick your nose or blow your nose. It is impolite. And you shouldn’t stare at their eyes, they think you harbour evil designs.

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