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Chinese Business Etiquette and Taboos



Chinese Business Etiquette and Taboos

Ⅰ. Greeting etiquette
1. Determine the greeting style: identity, purpose, relationship and practice.
2. Know the time of arrival and departure: arrive in advance, shake hands to say goodbye.
3. Do a good job of preparation: accommodation, schedule, and it doesn’t generally arrange the  schedule on the arriving day.

Ⅱ. Conversation etiquette
1. Talking naturally and making appropriate gestures.
2. Greet in advance.
3. Considerations of conversation:
Pay attention to listen, appropriate content, do not participate in women's discussion, use polite language.

Ⅲ. Banquet etiquette
1. The time of being invited and attending: invitations should be sent in time of 1-2 weeks;After  receiving the invitation you should reply timely and verify host, time, location and invitation. You should arrive early, and be late, leave early, stay shorter time are regarded as rude or snub.
2. Seating and dining -- follow the arrangement by the host, understand your own table and seats, not indiscriminate seat. The female guests seated at first. Keep away from the table. 
3. Considerations of eating, talking to people at the same table, don't just talk with acquaintances or one or two person.

Ⅳ. Meeting etiquette
1. Introduction: first introduced young to older, the lower position and identity to the high position and identity, first introduce men to women, introduce the guest to the host, send a personal introduction to the subject.
2. Shake hands -- positive and intensity of the handshaking can express friendly attitude and credibility, and shook hands with the active and passive. Pay attention to intensity and the time of shaking hands, shake hands posture. Women and people shake hands should be first off the glove on his right hand, the man must first remove gloves to shake hands.
3. Regards.

Ⅴ. Dress etiquette
Requirements: simple, elegant, clean and tidy. It could reflect people's temperament, and reflect the parenting and culture of the individual. In foreign countries, clothing should match with the others, respect the local customs and host requirements.

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