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How to Register a Trademark in China



How to Register a Trademark in China
1.Choose your favorite brand. Such as text, graphics, numbers, letters, color combinations, and any combination of the above elements. According to the new trademark law, sound can also be registered as trademarks.

2.Enter the official database and trademark search system--China Trademark Network to check the registration, assessment of the registration risk, repeated modification, and ultimately determine the trademark to be registered, finally produced a trademark logo design.

3. Preparation of trademark registration materials:
a. Application for trademark registration;
b. A power of attorney;
c. The main proof material.

4. Submit application materials. Must be submitted to the State Trademark Office registration hall.

5. Waiting for the Trademark Office to review, after the examination of qualified acceptance notice will be issued. Time is about 60-80 days time (3-4 months), if it does not pass formal examination, it should be supplemented or filed again. Get the acceptance of the trademark notice you can be marked on the "TM" logo for use. 

6.From submission to get the final certificate of trademark registration, it takes about 16 months,  the application will be accepted after 3 months, after receiving the first nine months will review the schedule. After 3 months for through the Trademark Bureau for examination, and finally is production certificate, about 1 month. Applicants need to pay attention to whether there is someone else's objection in the notice period, and in accordance with the Trademark Office that issued a notice of
objection to the respondent to submit a statement of defense, safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests.

7. After the above process, if it is successful, you can get the trademark registration certificate. The period of Trademark registration protection is 10 years. Upon expiration of the first 12 months you can apply for renewal of trademark, official fee is about 2000 yuan. After this renewal the exclusive right to use a trademark can be extended to 10 years and can be used repeatedly postponed.

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