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Legal Service in China



Legal Services in China

China legal service is a professional activities that Chinese lawyers and non lawyers, legal workers, legal professionals (including corporate internal staff, retire law enforcement personnel and other) and the relevant institutions to the legal knowledge and skills as legal person or natural person realize the legitimate rights and interests, improve economic benefits, excluding unlawful infringement, legal risk prevention, to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

China litigation service

Ⅰ.Litigation target

The goal of litigation is to get the outcome of litigation that principal could accept , but win a lawsuit is just a consequence of the principal recognized; although most principal want to win, but winning is not the only result of the recognition of the principal.
Litigation achieve business goals should be completed two in aspects, one is to develop a reasonable program of action; the second is to handle the relationship with the principal. Lawyers must be based on specific circumstances, taking an appropriate way to resolve "non-cent would like to" of the principal and achieve a reasonable litigation target.

Ⅱ.The contents of the law litigation

The contents of the law litigation is divided into two parts: affirmation of the legal facts and application of law.
Although then it is a beginning of lawsuit, the application of the legal fact is the focus of most litigation dispute. Because China is a civil law country, the judge can only apply the law case that has been done, but in the judgment does not generally explain the logic reasoning process of the application of law. This situation makes the identification of legal facts being very important.
The application of law is the provisions of legal facts and legal logic.The correct application of the law which support its claim to lawyer is familiar with relevant laws and regulations, which has a profound understanding of the general principles of law.

Ⅲ.Determine the specific action plan
It is the key to the lawsuit that how to determine the specific action plan according to the basic framework of thinking
1. Understand the case, affirm the legal facts
This link mainly including collate evidence, exchange views to the principal, understand the basic facts of the case to determine whether collect evidence, if necessary, what or how.
2. Do a good job of research
Through the understanding of the case, find the main problem of litigation (including legal facts and application of law), determine the main content of research, such as the fact problem, procedural problems, or entity problem etc..
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