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Types and Choices of Chinese Outdoor Advertising(Ⅲ)



Types and Choices of Chinese Outdoor Advertising(Ⅲ)
Ⅲ.  Classification of duty stations according to road 
(1)Sidewalk billboard
Set up billboards on both sides of the sidewalk, make the passing pedestrians clearly see the advertising message.
(2)Telephone booth
A telephone booth is located in a crowded area or a public place, a high probability of contact, but it need regular maintenance and keep clean, to ensure advertising effectiveness. Telephone booths in different areas, the form and size of the ad are also different.
(3)Newspaper board
Open the advertisement position in the newspaper board, we called Newspaper board advertising
(4)Hanging advertisement
Set in front of the hotel door, on both sides of the road poles, made into light box advertising, road and other forms of advertising. This form of advertising has the advantages of easy production, direct, and wide spread of information, but the area is small.
Ⅳ. Other single media
(1)Wall advertising
Outdoor advertising on the outer walls of buildings, use of wall posters, posters posted large paintings, decorative flags etc. t is mainly to promote the product and promote the enterprise image.
(2)Three-over billboard
Is a more expensive outdoor advertising. This device with three prisms, advertising screen printing, computer use photo or outdoor color sticky material. Suitable for indoor and outdoor environment, when the prism rotates, can be composed of three different types of advertising picture.
(3)No lighting advertisement board
This type of advertising is an early form of advertising media, with the continuous development of the form of outdoor media and updates, will gradually be eliminated.
(4)Electronic screen (including all electronic outdoor advertising media)
More innovative forms of outdoor advertising, common in the modern city. Computer control, graphic ads or commercials input program, turns on the screen display colorful graphics and text. Can display a number of different manufacturers, different brands of goods in a relatively short period of time, with dynamic, changeable, novel and unique, repeated play and so on, can cause a great interest of the audience.
(5)Elevator advertisement
Within the residential area of the elevator to hang a variety of styles of signs or LED screen propaganda picture.

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Types and Choices of Chinese Outdoor Advertising(Ⅱ)

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