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The Advantage of Outdoor Ads



The Advantage of Outdoor Ads

National outdoor advertising since the 90's to obtain high-speed development, the amount of eleven years on the increase of 10 times the average annual growth rate of 26%.
One of the advantages of outdoor ads: high arrival rate
Media type and quantity increase, so that the audience gradually be split, the information has gradually been refined, the cost of advertising information to reach a substantial increase.
The second advantage of outdoor ads: thousands of low cost
At present, the cost of thousands of outdoor advertising, compared with other media has an irresistible attraction. According to the survey, the average cost of outdoor advertising alone is equivalent to television, newspapers and other media 1/10-1/30. In the increasingly fierce market competition, the company under pressure to cut costs in reality, a huge cost advantage has become one of the main reasons for the popularity of outdoor advertising.
The third advantage of outdoor ads: lifestyle changes to drive the development of outdoor media
With the increasing of people's leisure activities, modern urban people are more and more popular with outdoor activities such as travel and sports. The trend of social activities is favorable for outdoor media advertising. Consumers are less at home than they used to, and it is clear that changes in the way people live are more favorable for outdoor advertising, the survey showed. As a result, more and more enterprises began to invest in outdoor advertising funds. According to the Hongkong market research company in Asia for 126 brands of 2700 samples, the test results show that China, in the establishment of brand advertising awareness, outdoor advertising has become the second largest after the TV media.
Although China's outdoor advertising industry has a variety of favorable conditions for high growth, high speed growth in the last ten years of the last century, but the rate of growth has slowed in recent years. At the same time, due to the outdoor advertising industry has been developed, more participants have entered this market, the increase in supply led to the decline in average profit margins. The decline in outdoor advertising market prices has made the best interpretation of the phenomenon. In addition, advertising resources of the cost of the acquisition price will also from low cost or the black box operation, transferred to the high transparency of high acquisition costs, advertising company profit margins will also than ever decreased.

Overall, we expect China's outdoor advertising market will grow steadily with the development of China's economy in the next few years. 

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