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Comparison of Advertising Methods



Comparison of Advertising Methods

Ⅰ.TV media advertising

It is the most powerful media. But in actual advertising activity, the cost performance of TV media is not very high. Its characteristics are as follows:
1.As audio-visual media,it has perfect introduction, demonstration function. Detailed and understandable content, it’s easy to be understood by the audience.
2.Information dissemination is mandatory.
3.Information dissemination fast, wide coverage, large capacity.
4.Various forms、rich and comprehensive, have a great influence on all kinds of ideology of the social groups.
5.Television advertising is complicated to make, and put in a huge cost.
Ⅱ.Newspaper media advertising

1.Performance in a static manner, Have certain requirements to the consumer's educational level, content bias rationality, but overall performance ability is not high ( especially the ability to show the picture ).
2.Non compulsory transmission. Readers have greater initiative and option, Thus readers will be willing to consciously and deeply understand the information that is concerned.
3.High reliability, especially domestic newspapers, it is closely linked with the party and government organs, readers are regarded it as an authority.
4.Low timeliness. The same layout has a number of advertising at the same time, there is interference between each other.
5.From the point of view of advertising, newspaper media investment in the form of flexible and diverse, it can cooperate with all kinds of promotional activities.
Ⅲ.Outdoor media advertising

It can be divided into a variety of media in the form of outdoor, such as traffic signs, light boxes, tools, neon lamp etc. Traffic signs occupy the largest share, and related to the survival and development of domestic local advertising companies. Outdoor advertising media features are as follows:
1.It has obvious regional characteristics、urbanization 、small coverage and the number of communicated to the public is limited.
2.It’s difficult to be targeted by the target group, and the amount of information transmitted is limited, actual communication ability is not strong, general is the brand's prompt advertising. But good advertising signs have strong visual impact, have an effect that is hard to forget. Other media can't compare.
Ⅳ.Point of sale media advertising
Includes posters, shopping cards, exhibition card, showcase and other advertising media, these can be placed on the sales site. Because of its low cost, and obvious effect. In recent years, receive more and more attention from venders, and develop rapid.
1.It can be presented in front of consumers with products at the same time, advertisers have a high autonomy, There are many forms of point ads, and have a greater influence on the perceptual consumer groups.
2.Some POP integration with product packaging, It has a good promotion effect on sales. Easy to be perceived and loved by the audience. Closely cooperate with all kinds of field sales promotion activities.
Ⅴ.Broadcast media advertising

1.It is a simple and convenient means of information transmission, and has strong affability.
3.Information is more emotional, suitable for low involvement product advertising.
4.Broadcast information is linear in time, poor preservation.
Ⅵ.Internet and other new types of advertising

1.Network media focused on the image, sound, text, and other forms of media, achieve multimedia information dissemination.
3.Narrowcast. Aim to a group or individual.
4.Beyond the national, cultural, geographical restrictions.

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