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     1、The operation agent of online store
    The platform will be stationed in
    Compass will provide the mall in service of Taobao, Tmall, JingDong , understand the rules of platform, accept set up the shop quickly. Compass will laid the sales network for you on the shortest time, and Compass will give you the key first step in the china electronic retailing.
    The planning of strategic
    According to many years of service experience, hundreds of customer accumulation, Compass summarized from electric business platform building to the operating strategy of system services strategy, including the store positioning, product planning and marketing strategy, it’ll form a whole feasible operation strategy, it will escort you on your way.
    The design of visual
    Compass has the professional visual design team, the first-class visual strategy analysis, and Compass will build the perfect store brand temperament style and customer shopping experience, Compass will strive to convey high quality products to consumers on the vision image, and enhance brand viscosity!
    Operating and promoting
    Compass will integrate the resources of the PC and mobile terminal, and to introduce the target flow as the core, accurate positioning, with the aid of payment flow, free flow, marketing activity, the entire network auxiliary way, build the hot style, improve the ROI, Compass will achieve the sales and brand promotion.
    The customer service
    Compass have professional team, and Compass will online 15hours a day, Compass will to optimize the reception process, improve the experience of customers, promoting the transformation of consulting, and build the perfect service system of VIP, increase the related to purchase and after buying rate. 
    The data analysis
    In order to the store operation, Compass will analyze the industry data、customer data at once, Compass also have store diagnosis, optimizing adjustment, making plans, maximize output, to promote effect, mining the customer's second demand and viscosity, increase customer purchase rate.
    2、the agent for bidding advertisement of search engine 
    Compass has the best international team, Compass will provide the most high quality management services of bidding advertisement of search engine------in the marketing、creative of the AD copy、account management and so on various aspects, our professionals will provide the best service for you.
    Compass will provide the tailor-made high quality advertising for your site, the bilingual employees in our team, they not only have business education background, they can quickly familiar with the business of your company, but also have more fluent language ability as guarantee, to make sure that you is the most effective and rapid communication with us.
    Whole-process service: from keywords to payment
    Compass provide you with the search engine keyword bidding advertisement management services include:
Search engine bidding rankings advertising account opening--Compass will fully assist you to open the search engine advertising accounts. You or your company will have independent search engine advertising accounts, at any time and place, you can view or management directly into account.
    The overall strategy and keyword filtering--- first, Compass will for your enterprise, enterprise business environment and your competitors, thorough analysis after have a certain understanding, Compass will for you to choose the most suitable for enterprises and products of high quality keywords.
    The creative writing of AD copy----Compass will carefully for you to write the most appropriate advertising creative, and through the online test, modify, launched into the process of the adjustment in order to achieve the conversion and maximize the return on investment of. In our view, a process that requires both creativity, it is very scientific, because it covers the unique insights of our many team members. 
    In-depth analysis of Website----Compass will all relevant pages of your site depth analysis: from the visitors landing page to the final payment process, Compass will provide the most specific changes, maximum optimization Website conversion rate.
    The daily management----Compass will daily real-time monitoring the progress of the promotion activities, and timely optimize the keywords, bidding, and advertising creative adjustment.
    weekly/monthly reports----According to your requirements, Compass will provide you with relevant data weekly/monthly report. The report content can be customized according to you be fond of, to meet the needs of your marketing team.
    3.SEO Agency (Chinese Search Engine Optimization Services)
    Today, competition is fierce in the field of search engine optimization. There are nearly 600 million search engine users in China, and tens of millions of companies rushing to get their attention. So if you want to run ahead of competitors and win the favor of the Chinese search engine users, you need talent strategy and implementation measures.
     Our principles:
    (1)To ensure that customers get bigger reward 
    It is necessary that one need Website adjustment and building chains of production. In addition, providing users with valuable information is the only way that ensure the success of the search engine optimization in the long run. With the search engine development, our goal has never changed: To ensure users find what they want.

    Compass provide valuable information for Chinese search engine users with the following methods:
    Creating a unique and eye-catching messages
    Developing the convenient site navigation and page design to users
    Writing web content which is persuasive, informative and easy to read
    Establishing a real relationship with the users through social media
  (2) The field of professionals is the key to success
    Compass offer search engine optimization training for all internal employees and contractors. It means:
    The Website Compass developed is useful for search engine optimization. If the Website construction is not in place in the first time, it might result in serious inconvenience to customers and also lead to a high cost.
    The Chinese content that Compass write for you is conducive to the search engine optimization and attracting users with thinking over.  
    In order to increase the rate of return on your investment, Compass will catch insight which includes the useful information from the keyword auction paid advertising and apply it to the search engine optimization.
    Compass combine search engine optimization with social media work so that they can complement with each other by half a effort.
   4.Banner advertising agency
    If you are interested in buying Chinese web banner advertising, Compass can target to screen the Website which will promote your business profit according to your business needs. And Compass also can contact to site management personnel about the price of banners advertising and delivery issues with your authorized until the banner advertising is built online.
    5. Chinese Website planning and designing
   With the rapid development of the Internet, the website has become a kind of inevitable trend and a promotion methods. It is the premise of network marketing that with a consistent Website .And the Website is an important window to publicize and reflect the image and culture on the Internet. Many foreign companies are aimless to build Chinese Website, which ignored the behavior habits of the Chinese people and directly led to the site to become a popular tasteless finally. 
  Compass will analysis and design a popular Chinese Website for you by combining with network data in the perspective of the Chinese people.

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