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The Rapid Growth of the Nuclear Power Industry in China



 The Rapid Growth of the Nuclear Power Industry in China  

Nuclear power is clean, E-friendly and high economic efficiency. 
Although the initial investment of nuclear power plants is higher than that of conventional thermal power station,
but the total generating cost of nuclear power plants is lower than the traditional coal-fired power stations in the use.
It consider that the localization rate of nuclear power equipment has gradually improve.
We expect nuclear power plant construction costs will decline in a further step.
Nuclear power generation process does not produce sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and soot.
The emissions of harmful gas are far less than fossil fuels. 

Compared with the coal-fired power stations in same scale:
Nuclear power plant with 40 million kilowatts operate a year, equivalent to reduce the consumption of coal about 10 million tons.
To reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide into the environment about 230 million tons.
To reduce the sulfur dioxide about 2.3 million tons.
The reduction of nitrogen oxides is about 1.5 million tons.
Equivalent to carbon dioxide absorption of 600 thousand hectares of Forest one year.
The emission of nuclear power is only higher than that of hydro-power and solar energy.
It is much lower than the emission of coal and natural gas.
Nuclear power is relatively low in China, the development space has huge potential. 

View of the world's nuclear power usage:

the highest utilization rate in France, reached 73.3%.
While China's nuclear power accounted for less than 3%.
There is a huge potential in China .
During the period of 13th Five-Year:

it is expected to restart the inland nuclear power.
Nuclear power is “going out “ which has become a national strategy. 
According to "China's long-term nuclear power development plan",
By 2015,the planning installed capacity of nuclear power is up to 40 million kilowatts, 18 million kilowatts under construction;
In 2020, The installed capacity of nuclear power plan is 58 million kilowatts or so , 30 million kilowatts under the construction.
During "13th Five-Year" period, China has clearly started construction of 31 million kilowatt nuclear power units;
According to the National Bureau of Energy “Nuclear power planning objectives in 2030”:
Nuclear power installed capacity will reach 2 million kilowatts.
In 2020-2030 , the gap of nuclear power installed capacity  reached 118 million kilowatts. 
It is expected that market space will up to 784 billion RMB from 2020 to 2030.
With the No. 1 huanlong landing in Pakistan and Argentina,Nuclear power industry is “going out “.
It has also risen to the national strategy, 
It has become the key point of nuclear power industry of China in 2015 , plus Belt and Road Initiative policy stimulus and state leaders to
encourage nuclear power equipment to go out.
The overseas market will increase geometrically.

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