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Auto Market In China



Auto Market In China

2016 China Automobile Satisfaction Ranking: Independent R&D is Popular as Joint Venture
The list enumerates eight levels of division in accordance with the small car, entry-level compact car, intermediate compact car, mid sized car, entry-level small SUV, intermediate small SUV, compact SUV, medium SUV. And ranking each level alone, have a statistics of 106 well selling models’ satisfaction.

According to the survey results, the survey which conducted by CATARC of all models’ comprehensive satisfaction’ average score is 768 points (total 1000 points), dropped 6 points compared in 2015, product satisfaction and service satisfaction were decreased by 5 points and 8 points respectively. From the point of view of the level of car overall satisfaction scores, compact car, compact car type, mid size car and SUV satisfaction scores decline 757, 769, 779 and 767 respectively compared with last year. SUV satisfaction scores less than compact car for the first time.

As the largest market segments, the compact car product satisfaction and service satisfaction were 768 points and 772 points. And the service satisfaction has a larger decline of 6 points. Compact car models in the independent brand satisfaction has a against growth trend, and the product satisfaction increased significantly, reaching 8 points. Among them, good evaluation of the driving experience of the consumer to the product index has the greatest contribution to the satisfaction growth.

Small car satisfaction ranking
Ranking Models Satisfaction score Enterprises(Brands)
1 New Polo 776 SAIC Volkswagen
2 K2 775 Dongfeng KIA
3 Rena 771 Hyundai
4 Dazzle 769 TOYOTA
5 Fit 767 Honda
6 SaabD20 755 BAIC MOTOR
7 MG3 753 SAIC Motor
8 New Ford Fiesta 753 CHANG'AN FORD
9 Sail 746 SAIC GM
10 New Ben 746 Chana Auto
11 King Kong 746 GEELY
12 New E3 745 Chery
13 NEW ALTO 742 Suzuki
14 BYDF0 739 BYD
-----by China Automotive Technology & Research Center

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